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Google Geo-Targeting Display Ads

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) has a feature that allows search advertisers to specify a location, or a set of locations, as the only area(s) in which they want their ads to show. This is an essential tactic for businesses that depend on foot traffic and/or home deliveries, such as restaurants, brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce sites. With their growing popularity and versatility, social media platforms like Youtube provide a highly effective way to target specific audiences. A few simple steps can designate demographic factors and niche interests that define customer personas. Add in geolocation, and you get geotargeting, a technique that has proved highly beneficial to local small businesses, especially restaurants, retail shops, and service providers.

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How it all works...

Our Geotargeting allows you to pin point an area from 5 kilometers to 500 kilometers in which you would like your ad to appear. You will be able to interact with us in developing your ad campaign. You can send us up to 6 images per ad campaign along with 3 sentences describing your offer. Once we agree on the ad, we will proceed in starting the campaign. While your ad is running you will receive a weekly report Using Google Analytics on your ads performance. Most importantly as new potential clients and leads submit their information while showing interests in your offer, you will receive them in your email instantly. We can direct your potential customers and clients to any source you like, whether it be to an email, phone number, website or location. This is by far the easiest advertising process online today. If you would like more information you can message us and set up a phone call to get you started as quickly as possible.


5,000 online ads–2,500 email marketing campaigns


10,000 online ads -10,000 email marketing campaigns per month


50,000 online ads – 50,000 email marketing campaigns – Daily Google Analytics Report

*All Ad Packages Are Priced Per Month and Ad Views Are Guaranteed To Be Delivered Within That Month, Additional Ad Campaigns Can Be Started At Any Given Time. All Campaigns Are Monitored Using Google Analytics; Results During And After Campaigns Will Be Delivered To Your Email. 

Larger Ad Packages Available Upon Request.

Your Ad Can Be Online in Just a Few Short Minutes Anybody Can Advertise Online, run your ads anywhere in the world, and drive your target audience to your website and your place of business with just a little help. Ask us about advertising online without a website too, we would love to help.

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