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Affiliate Compensation Plan

Affiliate Program

Royaltie offers a lucrative compensation plan for affiliates who sell the Digital Marketing Platform to other businesses or individuals.

This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing. You don’t have to recruit or meet any sales minimums.

There is no cost to become an Affiliate, other than just purchasing your personal Digital Marketing Package.

The Royaltie Compensation plan is based on total monthly recurring Team Subscription Revenue. Affiliates are paid at tiers based on total Team Subscription Revenue in a month.

As your team’s total subscription revenue grows, you will receive larger and larger monthly payments.  These payments will continue for as long as you maintain the required amount of monthly revenue at each Level, and you remain compliant with Royaltie’s Affiliate Agreement.

What is Royaltie Team Subscription Revenue

Your Team Subscription Revenue includes your personal Customers & Affiliates plus your 1st level affiliate’s Customers & Affiliates.

Subscription revenue is the monthly amount your Customers pay for their Digital Marketing Package.  It does not include the one-time Account Activation fees.

You Get Paid on the total monthly subscription revenue generated by you and your TEAM!

A Great Product Is Easy to Sell

99% of small business owners do not market online. No website, email marketing or online advertising. Our marketing platform helps them do that and more in less than five minutes!

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The most user-friendly website builder ever!

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In five minutes, your ad is running on the most popular websites and apps like Google and YouTube.

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Our team of multi-lingual account managers will make sure you get the best possible experience and results.

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99% of small business owners do not market online – no website, no email, no online advertising. We help them do that and more in less than five minutes. Just imagine how many businesses you can help!


Generous Commissions

We allocate almost 50% of revenue to sales commissions – that’s more than double the average.


Free Training

Everything you need to succeed – from training to webinars to marketing collateral – all 100% free.


Incredible Sales Support

Need help closing? Our multi-lingual sales team is here to help by phone or live video conference any time!


Proven Results

With over 20,000 happy customers and thousands of affiliates, the product is awesome, and the opportunity is very real.

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It’s quick and easy to get started. Training and marketing materials are all free. And with 500 million small business owners worldwide, you’ll never run out of prospects!

All you have to do is choose your plan and get started! You can manage and market your business, while promoting this amazing AI Marketing Platform! Making money while helping others with their online business. That’s what it is all about!

*All Plans Purchased Include The Affiliate Partnership Opportunity!

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